2013-10-02 12.34.13
Hello Everyone!

I want to announce that yesterday was my first segment with Rogers Daytime Television as their relationship expert. I am excited and humbled to start this new exciting journey being able to interact more directly with all of you. It is an amazing opportunity and I have had such a great time getting to know all of the people involved with Daytime! In the true spirit of vulnerability and connection, watching yourself on TV can make your skin crawl at times! We all have situations we rather avoid than feel vulnerable, but it is important to face own our insecurities and fears because no one is better at being you than YOU!

You can tune into the blog, Facebook and twitter for more information on upcoming segments, previous segments and weekly articles where you can interact and ask questions. So excited to be on this journey with all of you and hope that we can tear down some walls in order to experience true connection!


  1. Love your words, “…Tare down some walls to experience true connection!” There is no other way but to tear down the walls that keep us captive, to be able to enjoy life, people, and shine, as we were meant too. Andrea Edwards.