Discover your attachment style

We currently live in a “hook-up” relationship culture. As Dr. Wendy Walsh would say, we are in a high supply sexual economy. Women are liberated, are not relying on men, and as a result sexual expression is at its peak. Doesn’t it all sound wonderful? BUT there is a catch! Sex is being traded so freely in relationships, yet relationships are not lasting. There is something missing!

Psychological research provides us recipes that will assist in our quest to chose and develop healthy relationships. More specifically, our attachment with our primary caregivers at birth helps us to predict and understand how we will attach in our romantic relationships as adults.  These adult attachment styles are classifications similar to personality types that help us understand our needs, feelings, and behaviours in relationships.

So we are having a Google hangout to discuss the topic. The hangout will be produced by the wonderful Laura Hampikian and will feature Dr. Wendy Walsh, North America’s leading relationship expert and author of the best selling book The 30 Day Love Detox. Also headlining is Dr. Sue Johnson, the founder of Emotion Focused Therapy and author of Love Sense and Hold Me Tight.

Join the hangout here live on April 17th 10AM PT/ 1PM ET where Dr. Wendy Walsh, Dr. Sue Johnson, and myself will discuss the various attachment styles and explore which ones pair best in areas such as intimacy, sex and communication. If you miss the live event you can watch the embedded YouTube recording below.