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Junk food is an epidemic in our culture. Fast, convenient and accessible food has completely altered our diet. This has resulted in a counterculture healthy food movement. Many detoxes, diets (not the weight loss fade type), and alternative eating lifestyles have emerged out of a need to nourish our physical bodies. Webster’s dictionary defines junk food as “something that is appealing or enjoyable but of little or no real value.” The solution? A counterculture shift towards awareness of the quality and ingredients of the food we are consuming.

Similar to the way that our culture has become addicted to this enjoyable but valueless junk food, we have also become addicted to unhealthy malnourished relationships. We consume relationships that are quick and easy, accessible and not good for our emotional and physical wellbeing. We have bought into the assumption that indulging in junk food relationships will lead us to a secure and lasting connection. Have you ever consumed a junk food diet and have it yield healthy results? We cannot make one of the most important decisions of our lives under the assumption that these indulgences will yield the healthy and lasting relationships we have always desired.

The answer is to do something different—radically different.

The Love Reset

In order to achieve the results you want in your love life, you have to be willing to change the things that you are currently doing that are getting in the way of those results. For example, if you are really dissatisfied with the way your body looks and feels and want to see change, at some point you will have to commit to working out and eating healthy in order to achieve the results you seek.

Your relationship is no different. If you are fed up with cycling in-and-out of junk food flings that have no substance and don’t result in the commitment you desire, it’s time to do things differently.

What is The Love Reset?

The Love Reset is a 30-day challenge for those who are single and looking for love. You may have fallen into a pattern of consuming junk food sex/relationships that is leaving you overweight and malnourished. The Love Reset aims to teach you how to feed your emotional and relational needs in healthy ways. Junk food sex and relationships satisfy you temporarily, but they do not sustain you in the long run. It is time to put your love life on a diet. Trim the fat. Purge the junk. Take out the Trash. I know it is counter culture, but it’s time. Your heart and your soul are worth the effort.

What The Love Reset is Not

The Love Compass is pro-relationships and marriages. The Love Reset does not promote leaving committed relationships. If you are in a committed relationship and are experiencing some hurdles, as many couples do, it is important to work together on these issues. There are of course circumstances that may warrant leaving a relationship, but I highly suggest that you consult your support system, a counsellor or other professional before making this decision.

Furthermore, The Love Reset does not promote avoiding relationships. Avoiding love and dating doesn’t allow us the opportunity to develop the necessary boundaries and experience when it comes to navigating our way to lasting love. It will challenge you to engage in relationships in a healthy, nutritious and sustainable way.

Is The Love Reset for Me? 

You may be a young adult looking to settle down, or perhaps you are divorced and struggling to understand where things went wrong. Regardless of where you are in your journey to finding love, The Love Reset will aid you in your search for secure and lasting love. It will challenge you to purge the junk and consume nutritious relationships that feed your emotional needs in healthy and sustainable ways.

What would you give to have the lasting love and commitment you desire?

Could you manage setting aside 30 days to challenge your approach to relationships?

It is only 30 days. The worst thing that can happen is that you try something different for the next 30 days, it doesn’t work and you go back to doing what you were doing before. The best-case scenario is that you try something different and it is exactly what was needed to set you on course to finding lasting love.

Either way, what do you stand to lose?

For a more detailed overview of the challenge click HERE.

The Love Reset is most successful when you do it with a friend or a group that can mutually support each other. Share this challenge with you friends so that they too can begin their journey to finding the love that they desire.

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