Three is a Crowd

This week we are continuing with the theme of communication. If past attempts at solving conflict have failed, couples often turn to a third party rather then their spouse when new conflicts arise. When we are really hurt, offended or irritated we often go to our best friend, parent, etc. to vent, but in fact […] Read more…


Communication Breakdown: The Negative Cycles of Passivity

When you are unable to communicate effectively in your relationship, things will continually get swept under the rug. That is until a massive divide forms between you and your partner. When people do not have the skills to communicate their needs, wants and desires they start to use other means to get the outcome that […] Read more…


The Three Styles of Communication

Last week I touched very briefly on the three different styles of communication. It is imperative that you know and understand how you communicate in order to communicate effectively with your partner. Therefore, I am going to give you a more in-depth breakdown of the three different styles as we start on a new theme […] Read more…