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How to Get Close to the Avoidant/Dismissive Attachment Style

I like to keep an eye on the Google search terms that lead readers to my blog. One of the questions that many of you ask is “how to get close to a dismissive/avoidant attachment style?” or “how do I get a dismissive/avoidant attachment style to fall in love?” I have never tackled this question […] Read more…


The Do’s and Don’ts When Entering Into a Relationship: Part 1 The Don’ts

Hello Everyone! Happy thanksgiving and I hope that we are all able to practice gratitude this weekend when reflecting on our lives with loved ones. There is always something to be thankful for! The topic that I am bringing you today is one that I discuss with people often, and had the pleasure of sharing […] Read more…


Five Key Ingredients to Transform Your Family

Christmas and new years are a time when families get together. It is seen as a time of joy and giving. People connect and spend time with their loved ones and have an expectationof what the holidays should look like for them. It may come as a surprise that Christmas is one of the most depressing […] Read more…