cultivating authenticity

Wholehearted Living Guidepost 1: Cultivating Authenticity

Hello everyone, Last week we covered “The Secure Attachment Style and Wholehearted Living”, and how living a wholehearted life can have an immense impact on our relationships. As previously mentioned last week, Brene Brown (a psychological researcher that I have tremendous respect and admiration for) outlines 10 Guideposts to wholehearted living, of which we are […] Read more…

secure attachment and wholehearted living

The Secure Attachment Style and Wholehearted Living

Last week we discussed the fourth and final attachment style; the secure attachment style. You can catch up and read about the four attachment styles to gain a better understanding of which best resonates with you: Attachment styles. Over the years I have become familiar with attachment styles and the ever-expanding psychological literature surrounding them. […] Read more…

introduction to attachment styles

Introduction to Attachment Styles

The concept of attachment has become increasingly prevalent in psychology and other interdisciplinary fields. The basic assumption is that infants and children form a unique bond with their primary caregiver that effects how they will interact with the world. When infants form an attachment with a caregiver that is warm, consistent and responsive, their attachment […] Read more…

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