Dr. Sue Johnson

IS love worth the risk?Dollarphotoclub_54013048

Is Love Worth the Risk?

To love or not to love, that is still the question. As we discussed last week, we all have a story of heart break in our lives. We begin life young, naïve, and overly trusting. We wear our hearts on our sleeves and depend upon others to meet our needs. Then, we inevitably get our […] Read more…

Discover your attachment style

Discovering Your Attachment Style: Google Hangout with Dr. Wendy Walsh, Dr. Sue Johnson and Erica Djossa

We currently live in a “hook-up” relationship culture. As Dr. Wendy Walsh would say, we are in a high supply sexual economy. Women are liberated, are not relying on men, and as a result sexual expression is at its peak. Doesn’t it all sound wonderful? BUT there is a catch! Sex is being traded so […] Read more…