Dr. Wendy Walsh

Discover your attachment style

Discovering Your Attachment Style: Google Hangout with Dr. Wendy Walsh, Dr. Sue Johnson and Erica Djossa

We currently live in a “hook-up” relationship culture. As Dr. Wendy Walsh would say, we are in a high supply sexual economy. Women are liberated, are not relying on men, and as a result sexual expression is at its peak. Doesn’t it all sound wonderful? BUT there is a catch! Sex is being traded so […] Read more…


Relationship Expert Dr. Wendy Walsh Has Recruited Me to Join Her Team!

Emmy Award nominated Dr. Wendy Walsh is North America’s most prominent and sought after relationship expert. She is the former co-host on the TV show The Doctors and is featured weekly as a part of the Behaviour Bureau on Dr. Drew’s show on HLN. She appears regularly on CNN, and shows such as The View, […] Read more…