Wholehearted Living

cultivating authenticity

Wholehearted Living Guidepost 1: Cultivating Authenticity

Hello everyone, Last week we covered “The Secure Attachment Style and Wholehearted Living”, and how living a wholehearted life can have an immense impact on our relationships. As previously mentioned last week, Brene Brown (a psychological researcher that I have tremendous respect and admiration for) outlines 10 Guideposts to wholehearted living, of which we are […] Read more…

secure attachment and wholehearted living

The Secure Attachment Style and Wholehearted Living

Last week we discussed the fourth and final attachment style; the secure attachment style. You can catch up and read about the four attachment styles to gain a better understanding of which best resonates with you: Attachment styles. Over the years I have become familiar with attachment styles and the ever-expanding psychological literature surrounding them. […] Read more…

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